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We can say first hand we like it as we had our heat pump cleaned. Kevin you were very Professional, tidy and no more smells. Thanks for a great job. We recommend Aircon Heatpump Cleaners.
Lyn, Halswell

Thanks Kevin! Awesome job, and thanks for coming so quickly! A++++
Vanessa, Halswell

I just want to comment that my heat pump is working so much better now. Clearly I should have got it cleaned way before now. The heat pump is able to warm the whole house with ease now, where as before it did not. I can only hope that my power bill will improve as well. Anyway thank you for you kind, friendly service. I also appreciate the ability to pay you on line as I often dont carry cash on me.
Montez, Hornby

Thank you Kevin. According to the tenant the heat pump is now working “brilliantly” .This is particularly awesome because the property manager had previously told us that we needed to put a new one in (costing $3000)!!. A clean was significantly cheaper!!
Angela, Linwood

Thanks a bunch really improved our warmth kids moaning now its too hot!! fist time ive heard that one. Very tidy Very affordable its running like a dream and its quiet again thanks so much!By the way im in the lounge in a t shirt writing this on a cold raining day have not done that since we bought it lol
Adelle, Woolston

Thank you for cleaning my heat pump. Hopefully my tenant is getting the same amazing difference in how it seems to be heating. As you know we have only been here a short time and therefore we have been questioning if the heat pump worked properly or we were using it right. I used the heat pump when it cooled down yesterday after you had been and the warmth was a totally different experience on the same settings.

I will be pleased to recommend your service in future and am happy for you to use me as a contact should anyone question the value of the clean you do.

Jo Rogers, Ray White Real Estate, Hornby

Our heat pumps had become sluggish and slow after years of use so I called Aircon Heatpump Cleaners. Kevin did a very thorough job of cleaning both our heat pumps and over the past year we have experienced a significant improvement in their operation both in the speed they heat and cool our house and a reduction in our power bills. Kevin is back again this year for their annual cleans to ensure they stay in tip top shape. Thanks for the great job you do I recommend your service to everyone.

Steve, Burwood

Thank you. I have had several ‘professional’ heat pump cleaners in my house cleaning my heat pump. All have charged more than you. None has cleaned the inner workings of the heat pump with your level of thoroughness or using the tools and machinery that you did. None of them washed the filters etc as you did at the sink. None of them had the protection slung beneath the pump, as you did, to keep the surrounding area clean and dry. And to be frank they did not need to either because they did not clean the pump as you did. Thank you for an excellent job well done. It has given me great confidence that the pump will work well in the coming year. I would recommend you to anyone.

K Potter, Spreydon